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Safety First

Safety First!

Stirling Trailer Centre successfully hosted a comprehensive Trailer Safety Day in collaboration with the British Horse Society Scotland. The event aimed to promote awareness and education regarding the safe transportation of horses, emphasizing the importance of proper trailer maintenance and responsible towing practices.

The event took place at Stirling Trailer Centre's facilities, providing an ideal setting for practical demonstrations and informative sessions. This allowed ample space for participants to engage in hands-on activities and discussions. The Trailer Safety Day featured a well-structured agenda that covered various aspects of trailer safety.

Overview of the day's activities and objectives.

Regulations and Legal Requirements: (Presented Barry Eastaugh STC/HRG)

  • Presentation on current DVSA regulations and legal obligations related to horse trailer transportation.
  • Q&A session for participants to clarify any doubts regarding compliance.

Towing Tips and Techniques: (Presented by Stuart Hardie STC)

  • Practical demonstrations of proper hitching and unhitching procedures.
  • Tips on safe driving practices while towing trailers with live demonstrations.
  • Reversing maneuvers.
  • Q&A

Trailer Maintenance Workshop: (Presented by Allan Moore STC)

  • Detailed session on trailer maintenance, covering essential checks and regular upkeep.
  • Interactive demonstrations on tyre inspection, brake testing, and lighting systems.
  • Importance and benefit of using Genuine parts.
  • Importance of regular maintenance and servicing.
  • Q&A

Crime Prevention (SPARC) (Presented by Police Scotland)

  • Discussion on emergency protocols.
  • Crime/Theft Prevention.
  • Q&A

3.5T Horsebox Checks (Presented by Jonathan Thompson STC)

  • Safe Loading and unloading of Horses.
  • Walk round checks of lorry pre travel.
  • Importance of regular vehicle maintenance and repairs.
  • Q&A 

Participants expressed high satisfaction with the event, highlighting the practical insights gained and the importance of such initiatives in promoting responsible horse trailer usage. The collaboration between Stirling Trailer Centre and British Horse Society Scotland was praised for its successful execution and valuable content.

The Trailer Safety Day hosted by Stirling Trailer Centre on behalf of the British Horse Society Scotland was a resounding success. The event effectively promoted awareness and education, contributing to safer practices in the transportation of horses as well as highlighting the responsibilities of a trailer owner. The collaborative effort between industry experts and enthusiastic participants made this event a noteworthy and impactful initiative in promoting equestrian and trailer safety.